Analyze the Quality of Quartz Stone

NOVAESTONE is the premium choice for the passionate quartz stone enthusiast.Offering meticulously crafted artificial quartz stone in all different specifications, such as slabs, cut-to-size countertops, vanity tops, tiles, etc.

Quartz stone countertops, refers to the cabinet made of quartz countertops. The advantage is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and can be a large area of paving. Because it’s more durable than any other kinds of kitchen countertops, so it’s widely popular with consumers. But the home market was mixed, a variety of low-quality products pass away the same as the genuine. In order to make products escape detection, teaching you judge the merits of low quartz is necessary.
First: see
Quartz is very important that the quality of the merits judgment is finish, because the finish representing the stain resistance. The easiest way is to use a marker to draw on what Quartz, see if you can wipe, to wipe it shows dirt and strong, indelible stain on the instructions of the poor, recommended not to buy.
In addition, regular manufacturers of quartz stone in the back has a marking, pay attention to see signs.
Second: draw
Hardness is the identification of wear resistance, a simple method is to use steel plan, with a key role not achieve identification. Quartz is composed of 94% quartz, and 6% of the resin made of the hardness of 7 degrees, and granite is made of marble powder and synthetic resin, it is generally 4-6 degrees of hardness, simply means that quartz ratio Stone harder and more scratch, abrasion.
Blades across, leaving white printing is false quartz, because as good as steel plate hardness is steel cut surface, exposing the inside of the white. The pure quartz is across the blades, and will leave a black mark, is not moving blades zoned quartz, but due to leave traces of steel, one black and one white, true and false is established.
Third methods: burn
Quartz material due to its own characteristics, determines its high temperature characteristics, temperature of 300 degrees Celsius below the author does not have any impact, it is not deformed and broken; granite because a large number of resin containing, so high temperatures are particularly susceptible to deformation and performance charred phenomenon.
The lit cigarette butts by the table, or directly burned with a lighter, no trace of the real thing, there are traces of charred fake.
Fourth: acid
Quality quartz stone countertops typically join 100 percent high-quality full aluminum powder, a teaspoon of white vinegar to eat can make all of the inferior man-made stone, quartz stone show prototype. However, other types of vinegar is not valid, such as vinegar is not valid.
Pour in a tablespoon of white vinegar with artificial stone and quartz stone countertop, after 30 seconds, if they have many tiny bubbles on the note is a fake quartz. For false quartz calcium carbonate will react with the vinegar, bubbles. Such countertops low price, easy to aging, cracking, smoke color, life is short.