Boost the Value of Your Bathroom By Focusing on Fixtures

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Bath fixtures are an easy answer to spicing up one of the most important rooms in your house. Any realtor will tell you that if you’re thinking about doing some renovating, you ought to concentrate on the bath and the kitchen. Most homeowners, however, don’t realize how many options are out there when it comes to adding beauty, functionality, and luxury to their baths and powder rooms. The following are a few ideas to consider if you’re thinking about replacing or remodeling the bath fixtures in your home.
The Basics
Generally, when homeowners think of bath fixtures they think of the basics: sink, faucets, toilet, shower, and tub are by far the most used and important bathroom fixtures, and should be the first things you swap out. Don’t let the everyday stigma of these fixtures cramp your imagination, however. Despite being bathroom standard fare, the bathroom fixture industry produces a number of innovative and stylish answers to these necessary components.
Style: For starters, think style. Faucets and sinks are available in traditional, contemporary, and modern looks to fit almost any home design you want to match. The same thing goes for toilets, tubs, and showers. And beyond simple appearance, bathroom fixtures are undergoing a revolution of sorts when it comes to water efficiency and safety as well. Think about installing low volume or dual flush toilets, and water saving shower heads when you begin to shop around. They will save you money in the long run and you’ll be doing the environment and your local municipality a favor at the same time.
Thermostatic Shower Valve: While you’re at it, consider installing a thermostatic shower valve on your shower and tub. A Thermostatic shower valve automatically adjusts the mixture of hot and cold water to avoid scalding in the event of pressure changes and will shut closed if the cold water is interrupted. This is a good idea for any homeowner to install, but can be especially important if you have children in your home.
Sinks and Faucets Ain’t All She Wrote
Don’t quit by just replacing the sinks and faucets, however. Other important bath fixtures to consider in a renovation are your vanity, medicine cabinets, and shower doors. A new sink and faucet will certainly improve the looks and functionality of your bathroom, but replacing the rest of your bath fixtures will complement these new additions and give your bath an entirely new feel. Consider what you use your bathroom for and how much space you have as you shop in order to get the best use of your space. A small powder room, for example, might be better off with a pedestal sink than a vanity in order to make the space feel larger. If you’re working with a master bath and need ample storage space and a place to set the curling iron and hairdryer, consider something larger with extensive countertops and cabinets to stash your bathroom necessities.
The Extra Mile
If you’ve got the space and the means, consider going the extra mile as you look at bathroom fixtures. Luxury items such as spas, jacuzzis, saunas, and bidets are often overlooked when people look to overhaul their bathroom. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of renovating your bathroom anyway, why not splurge and treat yourself to a little something extra? These additions can change a bathroom from a place to take a quick shower and get ready in the morning into one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating rooms in your home. Also, if you’re looking for something distinctive and out of the ordinary for your bath fixtures, consider fixtures made of trendier, more cutting edge materials. Glass tubs and sinks, for example, are stunning in appearance without sacrificing functionality and give any bathroom an otherworldly look that traditional materials just can’t match.