Engineered Stone


Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is made from natural minerals. A process of a serious pressure of heat or boiling at a high rate of temperature results in a natural stone look. The engineered stone, due to the fact that it was made from heat melting different natural resources before it was made, makes it extremely resistant to dirt. And unlike some other surfaces-even stones-engineered stone is naturally resistant to staining liquids such as wine or coffee. This greatly increases the creative possibilities and gives the product a very lively and robust appearance.

Engineered stones are available in different colours, patterns, textures and designs that we cannot find in many other natural stones. Because it is man-made rather than carved in natural stone, this type of tile agglomerate has very precise and predictable measures.

This stone contains both resin and rock, which makes it more preferable than other materials like granite and marble, and also because it’s more resistant to bacterial contamination.


Sturdy, tough and attractive, its surfaces are easy to maintain, too. A germ resistant substance may be applied, but since engineered stone is both non-permeable and heat resistant, it should not be accumulating germs in the first place.