Who are we?
Novaestone Quartz is the premium choice for the passionate quartz stone enthusiast. Offering meticulously crafted artific

Who are we?

Novaestone Quartz is the premium choice for the passionate quartz stone enthusiast. Offering meticulously crafted artificial quartz stone in all different specifications, such as slabs, cut-to-size countertops,vanity tops, tiles, etc. A supreme and distinctive range elegantly designed and selected for every customer.

Novaestone Quartz has been widely accepted in architectural design due to its solid reputation of being one of the best quality stones available for both commercial and domestic applications in worldwide markets.

Why choose Novaestone Quartz?

Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals. It’s tougher than granite, and more resistant to cracks, chips,scratches and stains. Its high gloss finish and naturally non-porous composition eliminate the need for sealant while reducing the potential for bacterial growth.

Novaestone Quartz uses 93% naturally sourced quartz, together with high-quality polymer resins,additives and exotic-coloured pigments, and processed using cutting-edge procedures and techniques- this allows for the production of a wide range of colours, promotes long-lasting shine, and creates an extremely durable and impenetrable, porous-free surface.

How does Novaestone Quartz compare to other surfaces?

Novaestone Quartz is comprised mostly of quartz, which is harder and stronger than granite. The resin binder acts as a sealant, which makes the entire surface completely non-porous. No other surface combines the uncompromising beauty of natural marble and other stones with the durable scratch and stain resistance of Novaestone Quartz. *detailed comparison table is also available for your reference.

Where can I use Novaestone Quartz?

Novaestone Quartz is ideal for any interior residential or commercial surface, including kitchen countertops,bathroom vanities, furniture and desktops, wall panels, shower and tub surrounds, seats and caps, wall panels,flooring, fireplace surrounds, window sills, work surface areas, reception desks, molding, conference tables,food prep surfaces, and inlays.

How do I look after my Novaestone Quartz surface?

All Novaestone Quartz surface requires zero upkeep and never requires top coat applications. It is porous-free which means that your surface can remain virtually bacteria free by simply wiping it clean.

How do I remove stubborn stains and spills?

The ultra-durable surfaces of Novaestone quartz means that in most cases, even stubborn stains and dried spills can be simply and easily removed using only a sponge (or cloth), warm water and a household spray or mild detergent.Having nowhere to hide; all spill particles simply rest on the surface until they are wiped away. For the spills that adhere themselves to the surface, including nail polish, superglue, or even dried paint; the back of a plastic knife, a quality household spray and a damp cloth is all that is needed to scrape away any unwanted material.

Does Novaestone Quartz surface resistant to heat?

Unlike granite, marble and limestone, NOVAESTONE quartz surface is specifically engineered to be able to withstand extremely high temperatures in excess of 150oC (300oF). However a sudden change in temperature isn’t good for any stone surface so hot pots and pans should always be placed on a trivet or hot pad and not directly on to the stone surface.

Does Novaestone Quartz surface scratch?

While Novaestone quartz surface is designed not to scratch, deliberate and careless handling will ultimately damage any surface. While it’s not recommended; dropping a pot pan or other heavy object will generally not damage the surface.

Does Novaestone Quartz come with warranty?

Yes. All installed Novaestone Quartz surface projects are backed by our 10-year limited warranty beginning from the date of completed installation by a professional installer. Novaestone Quartz’s warranty provides coverage for structural manufacturing defects.