Types of Countertops


A countertop is the smooth surface at a dresser, which is installed on the furniture of  both bathrooms and kitchens.

Types of Countertops

Glass countertop: They are countertops that are based on mitigated safety glass, which comes with an integrated treatment of anti – bacterial and anti-stain.

Quartz countertop: It is extremely hard and scratch-resistant and ideal to use in a meeting space. It is available in various colours and is highly resistant to water.

Porcelain countertop: Countertops are stoneware that stand out for their resistance to heat, stains and abrasion. It is very fragile yet it is very resistant to scratching. It is available in both flat and uniform colours.

Stainless steel countertop: It is resistant to any shock, is moisture resistant without showing any damage, and manages to perfectly withstand high temperatures.

Laminated wood countertop: It is also known as a Formica countertop and made using synthetic materials. It is the cheapest in the market and the easiest to maintain counter. It is very resistant to scratches, to high temperatures and to heat.

Solid wood countertop: As the name implies, it is a solid wooden countertop, made using the solid part of the bamboo, beech, walnut, oak, etc.

Natural stone countertop: It is a countertop manufactured using granite or marble.